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Find Stocks or ETFs that have the right trading signals to make money TODAY!

You OmniTrader subscription includes OmniScan.  The most powerful stock scanning service available.

OmniScans comes with dozens of pre-loaded stock scans that will improve your trading with a list of stocks that all meet a certain criteria.  What to know what the most bullish stocks are?  Turn on the Big Bulls scan.  Want to see the stocks that are trending nicely?  Turn on the smooth movers scan.  Regardless of the type of stock list you want, OmniTrader has a scan to suit your needs.

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Trend Lines, Support/Resistance, ect.

Draw many of the most popular line studies in your OmniTrader charts in order to help make trading decisions.  OmniTrader includes the ability to put trend lines, support/resistance lines, Fibonacci Retracement lines, and more on all of your charts, and then you can view these lines in any timeframe.

You can also be notified when one of these lines has been penetrated with line alerts.  Simply click on a line and set it as an alert, and you will receive a message if a trend line is broken or support has been penetrated.

OmniTrader allows you to create a chart in any timeframe, and it also gives you the ability to create charts what are not based on standard time frames.  We refer to these charts as Non-Time Based Charts (or NTB Charts).  NTB charts will only form a bar when a price or volume criteria has been met.  These types of charts include Range Bars, Renko, Tick, Three Line Break, and they are used by many successful traders to filter out the noise in the market.

NTB charts make it easier to identify the dominant trend and gauge the best time to enter and exit trades.  OmniTrader is also the only software capable of applying trading strategies to NTB charts accurately.  use any of the provided strategies or your own strategies to analyze NTB charts and see how the strategy would have historically performed on an NTB chart.

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OmniTrader comes with state of the art Chart Pattern Recognition to help you find stocks that are poised to move.  Support and Resistance, Trendlines, Fibonacci Retrenchments and more  are automatically displayed in your charts.  You can also sort your list of stocks by detected patterns to easily find the type of setup you are looking for.

Signals shown when a security is ready to move.

OmniTrader includes multiple Trading Strategies that provide trading opportunities in any timeframe.  Each strategy is pre-configured to find a specific type of trade in a specific market.

For example, the RT Reversal strategy is designed  to find stocks that are making a sharp trend reversal in intraday trading.  Whether you trade stocks or futures, or whether you trade intraday or after market hours, OmniTrader has trading strategies that will give you great trading candidates right out of the box.

If you want to explore trading ideas of your own, OmniTrader makes it easier than ever.  With our Strategy  Builder flowchart, you quickly define the conditions you are looking for to enter a trade as well as the criteria that is required for you to exit a trade.

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Trading Strategies that are easy to Understand

free automated stock trading strategies

OmniTrader provides you with over one hundred trading systems that you can use to generate a trading signal.  Our vast indicator library allows you to create filters to better define the type of signal that you are looking for.  Want to know when to get out of a trade?  OmniTrader comes with pre-configured Trade Plans that are designed to minimize trading losses and maximize your gains.  All Trade Plans are completely configurable so that you can adjust them to match your trading style and risk tolerance.

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OmniTrader offers advanced testing capability to see how strategies performed on one security or on your whole list of stocks.  You can backtest  your stocks on decades of data in order to measure performance, and then use our Portfolio Simulation feature to see performance based on multiple allocation methods.

Practice Trading a Portfolio of Symbols

While paper trading allows you to practice trading in the current market,  many traders want more practice by trading on historical data.  This is where OmniTrader shines.  OmniTrader delivers advanced trading simulators to let you practice trading any market - intraday or after hours.  Easily step through years of data as OmniTrader analyzes the market exactly as it would have on that day.  There is no forward look by any of the analysis tools in the software, so you are honing your skills just like you had been trading the markets for years.

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Ready to take your trading to the real market?  OmniTrader offers you the ability to trade directly for your charts with any of our supported brokers.  Simply click on the Trade icon, and the quick trade interface is presented - pre-loaded with the symbol that you are currently charting.

Once you've entered a trade, you can manage your position in the charts as well.  Place a loss stop at an exact chart level, or determine where on your chart you are going to add your position.  OmniTrader even includes "virtual" orders which allows your trade to be managed on your computer - and hiding your orders from the rest of the market!  OmniTrader's integrated brokerage tools give you a unique trading advantage.