End of day

Simple, fast and effective.



30-Day Risk Free

After trial pricing:
$49/Month or $495/Year

  • Over 150 Indicators
  • Proprietary Trading Strategies
  • Chart Pattern Recognition
  • Paper & Live broker support
  • Proprietary  Strategies

Powerful, Customizable,  and flexible.



30-Day Risk Free

After trial pricing:
$149/Month or $1495/Year

  • Everything in Real Time
  • Create indicators and systems
  • Use indicators in scans & filters 
  • OmniLanugage
  • OmniPilot Automation

Frequently asked questions about OmniTrader and Nirvana Systems

What is your Risk Free Trial?

Your risk free trail comes with everything you need.  Software, data, and training  are all acquired for $9.95.  This will renew monthly at $49 for End of Day, $99 for Real Time, and $149 for the Professional.  

What is the difference between End of Day, Real Time and Professional?

Each version of OmniTrader is designed for different trading needs.  The following is a brief description of each.

End of Day: If you normally review and trade stocks only after the market has closed for the day, or if delayed information is best suited for your needs - this version is for you.  You might also choose End of Day if you trade Mutual Funds.

Real Time:  If you prefer viewing markets in real time with streaming data – this version is for you.  Real Time allows you to analyze and trade using intraday time frames such as 1 min, 5 min, or 15 min.  Real Time also includes everything found in the End of Day version.

Professional: This is our top of the line version of OmniTrader.  Professional includes everything found in Real Time and End of Day – plus more! Professional contains the capability to create your own custom indicators and systems using OmniLanguage (  If you’re a power user, or a trader who creates proprietary trading formulas, this version is for you..

Is data included with my purchase?

Data is included if you have purchased one of the subscription levels to OmniTrader.  If you purchase a full version of OmniTrader, then your data will be an additional fee.   This will allow you to use data that you may already be paying for from companies like eSignal, DTN, and Metastock.

If I start with the Risk Free Trial, can I upgrade to the full version?

Yes!  With the purchase of any subscription level you have the opportunity to upgrade to the full version of OmniTrader at a discounted price.  You also have the ability to upgrade at a discounted price from End of Day, Real Time, or Professional.

What if OmniTrader doesn't fit my needs?

In the unlikely case that OmniTrader doesn’t fit your needs we have an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee on any purchased version of OmniTrader.  (Subscriptions not included)

If you do not want to continue the trial, or your subscription, you can cancel at any time and billing will not continue.