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OmniTrader is one of the most powerful trading platforms available and makes it easier than ever to find the best trading candidates.  OmniTrader is THE tool you need to profit in the market.

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The best thing about OmniTrader is that it is completely automated. OmniTrader allows you to focus on your trading - not hours of analysis.

OmniTrader automatically analyzes the markets and gives you a list of consensus buy and sell signals to review in just minutes.

The markets are constantly changing, so no single strategy can work well all the time.  Your strategy has to adapt to what the markets are doing right now.

Using the Adaptive Reasoning Model, OmniTrader test up to 120 different trading systems to find those that are working right now on each symbols and generates the best possible buy and sell signals.  So whether the markets are trending up or down, trading in a range, or breaking, out you'll always find good candidates to trade.

OmniTrader is packed with helpful information to teach you how to determine the overall direction of the market,  Identify strong market sectors, confirm buy and sell signals to isolate the best candidates to trade and manage your positions to maximize profits.