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OmniTrader Xpress

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The very first day, you will be placing profitable trades using "Practice Money."  When you're ready, we will help you establish your first broker account with as little as $100.  We want to add you to our growing family of successful "Omni Traders."

What's Included with the
FREE OmniTrader Xpress Package.

Easy to Use Software

OmniTrader Xpress

Discover it for yourself.  The Best Software really is FREE.  OmniTrader has been refined over 20 years of market use.  Our Xpress version is full-featured and has everything you need to successfully trade the market with one-button operation.

Daily Market Data

World Class Market Data

There is a lot of "junk" data on the internet.  Our data is of pristine quality, and it's included with the Xpress platform.  Any stock, index, or ETF.  Just type the symbol and see the chart.  And, let OT Xpress analyze all your charts every day with free daily data updates.

World Class Support

World Class Support

This software is so simple, you are going to be up and running in minutes.  Your're going to FEEL the excitement of the market.  Then, you will learn HOW TO MAKE MONEY.  That's where our FREE education comes in.

Outstanding Trading Education

Learn and Earn

We will show you how to identify the best possible opportunities the stock market has to offer, determine market direction to enhance profits, EASILY adjust positions to manage risk, and provide downside protection for your account.