Why OmniTrader

The Difference is Automation:

  1. Put Symbols in The List.
  2. Push One Button.
  3. Get Great Buy and Sell Signals!
automated stock picking stock pickers automatic stock signals

OmniTrader generates a list of hot trading prospects each day – automatically. All of the analysis has been distilled down to Buy and Sell opportunities, presented in one easy-to-review list. That’s so much easier than using other Trading Platforms. 

Avoid Information Overload

Most trading platforms – especially those provided by brokers – inundate their users with information. On the surface, having more information sounds like a good thing but it can leave us “frozen” into inaction as we try to figure out what’s important.

avoid stock market information overload

Most of the information presented is what we call “Fundamentals” – things like analyst reports, earnings, and news.   This kind of information leaves us asking all kinds of questions...

  • How should I use Earnings Reports?
  • What industries are hot right now?
  • Which market statistics are the most predictive?
  • Should I listen to what the pundits or analysts say?
  • What news is important?
  • And so on...

Technical Analysis

An easier (and we believe, more accurate) approach to trading is to use charts.  Stan Weinstein, author of The Professional Tape Reader is quoted as saying, “The Tape Tells All,”  meaning every stock, index, or futures chart has all information known about that market and more important than that, discloses the psychology of the market.

If you read Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwagger, you will find that nearly ALL truly successful traders use Technical Analysis, rather than  “fundamental” information to trade and make money.

Ed Seykota – one of the traders in Market Wizards who turned $20,000 into $20 million - calls fundamentals “funny mentals” because market behavior can make fundamentals completely useless.

Why does nearly every stock decline in a correction, even when the companies themselves have no change in their fundamental makeup?  Charts go up because people are buying, and charts go down because people are selling.

That’s it!

Bottom LineThe best way to make money trading is to use Technical Analysis. So, what’s the best way to do it?

A must-read for any trader.

Toolbox Programs

Most Technical Analysis programs are like a “toolbox”.  They provide lots of  tools (systems, indicators, drawing tools, etc.) but they leave it up to you to figure out how to use them for actual trading.  But since no one trading approach can be used across all markets, a lot of time can be wasted tinkering with the indicators and systems – and not trading.

Using toolbox trading software is a lot like trying to build a complex piece of machinery without any blueprints.  You may have all the tools, but no idea of which tools you should use when.  The result is a lot of trial and error at your computer and even if you are able to find a strategy that shows promise, it can fail as soon as the markets change their behavior. 

And while most toolbox trading software allows you to automate system testing, you still have to create the systems and/or decide which ones to use

Black Box Trading Software

The term “black box was coined by engineers and is used to describe systems that produce signals without disclosing their logic.  Picture a box with some wires going into it and more wires coming out.  You have no idea what will emerge from the box if you hook the wires up to some input device.  The internal workings are hidden from you.

In black box trading systems, signals emerge, as if by magic, but you have no idea how they were generated.  This would be fine if black box programs worked consistently, but none has ever done so.  It would be difficult for any computer program to completely understand all factors occurring in the market.

Omnitrader helps you understand what the technical signals mean for stock, etfs, forex, and more

"Toolbox" programs force
you to do all the work!

OmniTrader is not a black box. It is designed to automate the Technical Analysis process and then show you trading signals, similar to a black box program.  However, the basis of the signals is always shown to you in the charts.

Automation Makes the Difference

OmniTrader isn’t a toolbox program.  It’s not a black box either.  But it IS automated.  That means you don’t have to know anything about Technical Analysis to use it (but you will learn more and more about it as you do.) 

OmniTrader automatically...

  1. Collects all market data.
  2. Tests its library of trading systems on each security in your list.
  3. Selects only the best performing systems to generate Long (Buy) and Short (Sell) signals.
  4. Plots charts with important technical patterns already drawn for you, to help you select the best candidates to trade.
  5. Tracks and manages your trades.

Basically everything the computer can do to help you make a trading decision and trade the market is done for you by OmniTrader.  So you can begin making trading decisions almost as soon as you have the program, right “out of the box.”

Your Time is Valuable

Unlike toolbox programs that require you to “figure it out” and black box programs that say, “trust me”, OmniTrader automates the process of finding great trading opportunities, and illuminating key technical factors that help you pinpoint the really great trades.

Spend less time tinkering and more time trading.  Plus, you will always understand why the signals were generated, which assists you further in your evaluation of the opportunities as they are presented.