Great Buy and Sell Cadidates

Our one-stop approach to trade management takes the hassle out of prospecting, order entry and exits, without locking you into someone else’s trade ideas. Use your own trade plans or choose a pre-built template - we give you complete control over the look and feel of your charts.

It's Automatic

Because OmniTrader is 100% automatic; it’s easy to quickly review a list of prime trading candidates. Save time and preserve consistency when you enable trading strategies for signal generation. Simply select the strategies you wish to review and watch as OmniTrader atomically analyzes hundreds of trading opportunities in seconds.

Trading Power

OmniTrader's Focus List provides you with powerful information on GREAT trading candidates.  Complete customization; the focus list offers just about any information about a security you could ever need.

To Do List

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Charts

AMGN Stock Chart

Unique Experience

As you begin to click through your charts, you will quickly see why so many traders choose OmniTrader.  Out beautiful and extremely powerful charting options make trading a profitable and unique experience.  Many charting features that traders spend hours trying to accomplish are automatically applied to your charts so that you can quickly prospect and trade the moves.

OmniTrader automatically generates support, resistance, and primary trends on every chart.  It can also display many more chart patterns that help identify the current psychology of the market.

Visually Stimulating

Not only can you add any of the hundreds of line studies available, OmniTrader also provides many Advanced Chart types such as Heikin-Ashi, Range Bars, and Point & Figure.

Advanced Drawing Tools

OmniTrader has a host of powerful drawing tools including trend lines, Fibonacci levels, and much much more. Our advanced line studies include advanced methods such as Andrew’s Pitchfork, Raff Regression, Gann Fans, and Tirone Levels. We also have text and call out tools making it super easy to mark up your charts.

Indicators and Color Charts ™

OmniTrader has over 100 technical indicators which help you to quickly identify lucrative conditions within a chart. Use these indicators to define your own custom Color Chart™ to help you identify specific chart regions of interest. You can then save this setup into a chart template which allows you to apply the same analysis to another chart in the blink of an eye. By default Omnitrader comes with preset ‘canned’ templates which help you evaluate Trending, Swing, and Reversal opportunities.

Built in Money Managment

20 Years of Confidence

OmniTrader has been refined over the last 20 years to take the emotion out of trading.  From Powerful strategies, Stock Scanning and the most Powerful Back Testing and Simulation tools available anywhere.    

Signal Generation

OmniTrader includes multiple Trading Strategies that provide excellent opportunities for any security in any time frame.

We also have a complete library of add-on's to accommodate any trading method you can think of.

OmniTrader also allows you to explore trading ideas on your own.  Our Strategy Builder allows you to quickly define conditions that are important to you!​

Visual Exits

Trade Management

OmniTrader offers one of the most powerful ways to engage the market with our powerful Trade Management tools.  Because we all know getting into a profitable trade is only part of the battle. 

This is why we created Visual Exits which show exactly when to get out of a trade ​ and allows risk management which increases profits.

Screening and Back Testing

OmniTrader offers the most advanced testing capability available anywhere.  You can quickly build a powerful stock list using OmniScan which allows you to test strategy performance on a single stock or an entire list of stocks.  


OmniScan is the more powerful stock scanning service available.  Dozens of pre-loaded stock scans are available and you have the ability to create list based on any criteria you choose.


Back Test and Simulation

You can backtest  your symbol list on decades of data which allows you to truly measure performance. Take the results of your backtest and let the Portfolio Simulator show the performance based on multiple allocation methods.

Port Sim

Trading Simulators

Education is Key

We know trading is hard and you can't eliminate all emotion from trading.  What helps is repetition in a safe environment.   This is why we included two separate ways to test your trading ideas without any risk to your trading account.

Lab Mode

OmniTrader Lab​ Mode

Lab Mode offers a unique trading experience where you are able to trade your symbol list, using historical data.  You set the trading dates and account balance and trade as if it were live.  This gives you an accurate representation of strategy performance. 

OmniTrader Game​ Mode

Game Mode challenges you to trade a random security in your focus list.  The security name is hidden and you have a set number of bars of data to use.  This allows trading to take place without any prior knowledge of the security being traded.

Build Your Own


​Sometimes, traders want to create special conditions for indicators, trading systems, and exits.   OmniTrader has a powerful programming tool called OmniLanguage.  This allows you to create very simple or very complex systems with a simplified version of - the most popular programming language in the world.



Want to take it a step further?  Experience the ultimate in trading strategy automation with OmniPilot.  OmniPilot runs alongside OmniTrader to automate any strategy.  This simulates a robot operator placing trades and managing exits under canned program management.

​No Programming is required, thanks to pre-configured scripts that are provided with the software. For those who want to, any automated trading scenario can be coded in the OmniPilot scripting language interface.