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I have five charting software programs.  OmniTrader is clearly the most comprehensive and sophisticated.  I think it is now regarded as the gold standard in Australia, even by professional brokerage companies, a credit to Nirvana.

-Joh T.

Your service has been great and as I progress, I am starting to realize OmniTrader is all you need.  Great work guys.  You are one of the most ambitious Technical Analysis software companies in the world.

- Ralph B.

Been using OmniTrader for a few years now and always come back.  I suppose I am a pivot trader at heart and feel that WaveTrader and WaveScans are great tools.  Exactly as advertised.  I have been able to implement some of these strategies and made profit.

As for your seminars, they are refreshingly different.  They have the ability to take a complex concept, break it down into simple terms, and convey it in a way that anybody can understand.

- Denise P.


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